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[This was originally planned to be (mostly) Insider correspondence for the awesome people that support This Week in Pinball, but one of the former Zidware customers who is looking forward to Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland made a good point that this type of info should be shared with Zidware customers, so I am making it public.]

Back in July, This Week in Pinball was allowed a tour of the deeproot facility and released an article called The deeproot Tour: Whitewood Wonderland and the Cart Before the Horse. Following the reveal of the prototypes at Houston, I thought I’d give a few thoughts on the “deeproot package”.

The deeproot cabinet that I saw during the tour will still be “familiar” – it will fit into your pinball lineup and looks like a pinball machine. But it is very different than the prototype cabinets at Houston. The new cabinets will make a big splash when revealed and – in my opinion – will easily rejuvenate the hype for RAZA (and deeproot in general) during the “official” reveal.

The deeproot “ecosystem” is another exciting project that is being worked on that I have only heard bits and pieces about, but it could potentially be a major highlight.

The last thing is that RAZA is a very small part of the huge plans that deeproot has as far as games and features. Off the top of my head, here are some of the intriguing games I remember from the tour, kind of in order:

  • Alice in Wonderland (only one I have not seen a draft of the layout for, only heard the plans for this machine, will be crazy if they can do it)
  • Popular 80s theme
  • Magic Girl
  • Dennis Nordman unlicensed (game with crazy ramps)
  • Licensed Oursler design (the one Robert originally wanted to “safely add sparks or smoke to”)
  • Dennis Nordman machine game
  • Jon Norris familiar(ish) design, but with added magnets and added toys
  • Oursler familiar theme (this one has the craziest mech of all deeproot machines IMO)
  • Unlicensed 2nd title (weakest theme IMO but tons of features and sounds addictive)
  • Another one with a familiar design (my least favorite but possibly best selling on this list)

The title of the article above is called Cart Before the Horse, and in my opinion that is still where we are as deeproot has not shown they can mass manufacture pinball machines yet. All my above comments are assuming deeproot can pull this off – I have no idea if they can. Until they prove they can mass manufacture machines, everything else is getting ahead of where things are currently. We know now that they can make prototype machines that seemed to hold up well through a bunch of plays. From now to mass manufacturing and delivering machines is still a large gap though.

deeproot does not have any pre-order money from the pinball community, and does not owe the community anything at this point. So sit back and relax and lets see what happens!

Disclaimer: Any articles, interviews, or mentions of pinball manufacturers or pinball products is NOT an endorsement.

Welcome to the future of lighting for your pinball machine.

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