TWIP Tuesday: January 22, 2019

John Trudeau Pleads Guilty | TWIP: Munsters Deep Dive | Zach Meny New Owner of Flip N Out Pinball | Total Nuclear Annihilation – New Way to Play | Deadpool Trolls Star Wars | IFPA/Pin Stadium Partnership | Great Lakes Pinball Teases Leroy | Dead Flip Pinball Machine Developing | Rules for Tokyo Perfect Drift | Stern Pinball at ESPN X Games | The Big Lebowski Pinball For Sale | Victory Laps

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL: January 21st, 2019

North American Championship Series | Christopher Franchi Discusses Munsters Artwork/Features on TWIP Podcast | Dwight Sullivan Talks Munsters and Ghostbusters on Head2Head | NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: FUSION from Pin Stadium! | Scott Danesi Talks Second Game Timeline on Special When Lit | Ben Heck Missing Programming | Ben Heck vs Spooky Pinball | New Manufacturer Makes Big Hire | Name the Game | Mod of the Week | Upcoming Games and Rumors

TWIP Thursday: January 17th, 2019

Total Nuclear Annihilation Super Secret Skill Shot | Pinball For Dummies: What the Heck is a WPPR (Whopper)? | Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle Stream | Theatre of Magic Tutorial and Battle | INDISC Winner | Texas Pinball Festival Guests and Updates | Haggis Pinball New Website | LoserKid Pinball Podcast | New In Box Jurassic Park | A Whitewater in a Floating House Powered by Car Batteries | The Munsters Playing the Munsters | Victory Laps

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL: January 14th, 2019

Munsters Reveal | Panel Discussion with Munsters Creators: Special When Lit | Grand Slam Rally – New Game on Multimorphic P3 | Scorbit “Connected Pinball” Details Announced | Spooky Pinball – ACNC Taking Over, Only a Few TNAs Left | Name the Game | Mod of the Week | Upcoming Games and Rumors

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Giveaways: Pin Stadium Lights ($300) | Orion’s Belt ($260) | Museum Grade Canvas from Pinball Photos ($225.00) | $50 Gift Card to Comet Pinball | Titan Universal Silicone Ring Kit in Your Choice of Color ($40.50) | $20.00 Mezel Mods Gift Card | Pinball Life: Pin Gulp ($11.95) | Deadpool Translite – autographed by designer George Gomez | Dialed In! Translite – autographed by Jersey Jack Guarnieri | Total Nuclear Annihilation Translite from Spooky Pinball | This Week in Pinball Lapel Pin

TWIP Tuesday: January 8th, 2019

Boatload of Code | Spooky Pinball Visits Tokyo | Jeffree Star and Jack Danger | Tokyo Perfect Drift Videos | INDISC | Pinball Artists Get their Games | SDTM: Best of 2018 | Suncoast Pinball Looking for Programmer | ClusterVUK | Jack Black at Pinball HOF | Predator Pinball on Location | Benny’s Space Adventure Lego Pinball | Victory Laps