Pin of the Week – from 1987

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Pin of the Week


This photo courtesy of Christopher Hutchins, High End Pins (

This is just for effect.

Pinside Estimated Price as of 9/17/17: $1,390 – $1,610

For a gameplay video, click here!

For rulesheet, click here!

For original flyer, click here for the front and here for the back!

Interesting notes about Fire!:

  • Marketing slogans:
    • “When you’re hot you’re hot!”
    • “It’s hot! It’s smokin! It’s burnin up the charts!”
    • “FIRE’s coming out in a blaze of glory that’s firing up play and profits at every location!”
    • “This FIRE is matchless!”
  • Easter Eggs (Ok, so these aren’t that interesting but they’re still easter eggs!) – from the Cows and Easter Eggs website
    • In the barn, there is a cow mooing.
    • A moo is also heard on coin-drop and when pressing start.


Manufacturer: Williams
Display: Alphanumeric
Players: 4
Flippers: 2
Ramps: 5
Release date: January, 1987
System: Williams System 11
Design: Barry Oursler
Software: Dan Lee
Artwork: Mark Sprenger
Music: Chris Granner
Production run: about 7,700


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