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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Elvira Limited Editions are Shipping

Stern Pinball shared the following video on their Facebook page showing the first Elvira LE going in the box!

Spooky Pinball: Fang Club

Our friends at Spooky Pinball teased their upcoming Fang Club on their most recent podcast! It is NOT LIVE yet and Spooky customers will be getting an email blast when it is ready. Here are a few teasers though from their most recent podcast:

So, in the past we’ve always had the “take care of those who take care of us” motto. This means if you bought a game from us previously, we want to give you a chance to be at the top of the mausoleum on the next game!

Then 2 things happened… namely Total Nuclear Annihilation, and Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle! These games sold more than all our other games combined (not bad huh?!). So if you (and I mean we) can only make 500 games a year, and we now have well over 1,000 customers…. WHAT DO WE DO???

This is what we do… we announce the SPOOKY PINBALL FANG CLUB! Yes, it’s another one of those blood sucking attempts to cash in.

Here’s the rundown:

What do you get by joining? You get some cool goodies, access to exclusive deals, events, video content, and merch ONLY available to Fang Club members, and the joy of knowing you are supporting the best little pinball company this side of the cemetery.

So about this “Blood Suckers Edition”… 

It’s FUN, and it gets YOUR game some unique upgraded items that will leave you the envy of all the other monsters in your mausoleum! We want to give you something special for believing in us. The side armor special cut design and colors will be a cool combination only available on the Fang Club games. The plaque will be laser etched and placed directly in the center of your super weird apron coated in the same gross vein metal color as those one-of-a-kind side rails. There’s even a few surprises we can’t even talk about yet… but we think these games will be super creepy fun and collectible for years to come!

All Fang Club Members will get the chance to buy-in on our games 2 weeks before it opens to the public! You can choose a regular game or Blood Suckers Edition, but please note: ALL BLOOD SUCKERS GAMES WILL BE BUILT IN ORDER, AND BUILT FIRST!

In fact, if you buy a Blood Suckers Edition in the first 48 hours of sales launch, your game will even get another special little graveyard ornamental item AT NO EXTRA COST! 

The Blood Suckers Edition game sales will close 4 weeks from the launch date, and NO MORE WILL EVER BE SOLD AFTER THAT! Really… we mean that. No games from the vault, crypt, coffin, or any other plan of resurrection of the dead.

Question: Does that mean I will get a lesser game if I DON’T take on this B.S. edition?

Answer: The standard games will have ALL THE SAME PLAYFIELD FEATURES AS THE B.S. edition (that’s, Blood Suckers, folks). We don’t believe in giving you a lesser game play experience in ANY of our games. 

Question: Do I have to do an auto-renew every year on this evil plan of pinball afterlife world domination, or can I just buy when you have stuff I want?

Answer: YOU CAN COME AND GO AS YOU PLEASE… One time Fang Club Member, or come back to the grave every year for more ghoulish goodies, it’s your choice.

Question: I buy from a distributor, do I get screwed over or can I still do this?

Answer: You can get in the Fang Club directly with Spooky Pinball LLC, and STILL buy in early from your favorite distributor when the next game launches! Keep those cool ghouls in your corner and still get all the same benefits as the Spooky gastly minions. Just tell your distributor you are in the Fang Club and good to go!

So that’s it… we hope this makes sense, and we hope you have fun hanging out with all the other creepy crypt cretins in the SPOOKY PINBALL FANG CLUB!!! 

Love and bloody chomps on the neck,
The monsters at Spooky Pinball LLC.

Special When Lit: Interesting Details on TNA

Our friends at the Special When Lit Pinball Podcast had another great episode last week. It included Dr. John – their Spooky Pinball correspondent – who talked to Scott Danesi, and Scott gave some interesting tidbits about Total Nuclear Annihilation that you may not know:

On the display on TNA: “What a lot of people don’t actually know is the display – the LCD display on the machine itself – is the computer screen on Scarlet’s wrist.  So that is what she is seeing.  So she sees what reactor she needs to target.”

On the storyline for TNA: “The storyline is a little bit sad in TNA because Scarlet doesn’t make it out alive ever, no matter what…it is really sad.  [But] it was better than the game was originally going to be.  The game was going to be real bad, like tongue-in-cheek, we’re destroying a civilization for no reason.  It was going to be awful.  Because I was just screwing around with a homebrew.  So I re-wrote the story to make it more fun and interesting.”

Listen to the full episode here!!

American Pinball Celebrates the Opening of their New Facility

American Pinball announced AimtronFest 2019 last week, and as part of the announcement they shared it was to celebrate the opening of their new facility! For those not familiar, Aimtron is the parent corporation, and American Pinball is a subsidiary of Aimtron. American Pinball has not fully moved into the new facility yet, but hopefully soon!

Dialed In New Code

Version 1.73 – check it out!

PINQUEST App Now Available

PINQUEST is now available as an application for your mobile device! In celebration of that, PINQUEST is launching a mini-contest – check out the details below:

To kick off the official “app” launch, we’re going to do a mini contest! The contest will run Monday 10/7 through 10/13 at midnight. Three people will win a PINQUEST prize pack. To qualify for the contest people must earn a chance drawing ticket by scoring 600,000,000 on GOTG. They can play anywhere be it at home or on location. One of the challenges we all know will exist with online pinball is someone taking the glass off. I hope people honor the contest and don’t do so, but it is what it is. The winners will be selected the following day. Three randomly drawn who qualified for an entry. The contest will be limited to the US.

To earn an entry a user must click on the “national contests” section of the PINQUEST app. The link will appear at 12:01 AM on 10/7.”

PINQUEST also announced the following contest that will be happening at Expo!

We will also be set up at Chicago Expo and giving away 50 limited edition Christopher Franchi coaster sets. People will have to complete a series of target scores (Quests) to win one!

Click here to download the Android app.

Click here to download the IOS app.

SDTM: Jurassic Park Review

Our friends at Straight Down the Middle had some guest reviewers join them for a Jurassic Park review – check it out!

— Cool and Crazy Stuff —

American Girl Pinball Machine – The Flip Side

You can now buy a pinball machine for your doll…it is tiny and the ruleset is not very deep, but it is still pinball!! Sort of!

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Pinball Homebrew Update

This machine may give you the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life.

Slam Tilt Podcast: Twilight Zone

Our friends at the Slam Tilt Podcast shared and interesting tidbit about Twilight Zone, when Bruce shared the following:

“You can also – say someone is calling you on the phone, you can actually put your flipper up, hit the start and I think the buy-in button at the same time, and it will hold the flipper up.  You can actually walk and get a soda, answer your phone and come back.”

Is this true??

Reddit: Seriously, Where Can I get the Full One?

3D Space Cadet

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