TWIP TUESDAY: November 12th, 2019

Making of Jurassic Park | Mike Kalinowski Interview | Zoe Vrabel Interview | ACNC Unique Rule | Elvira Review | Planetary Post | AP Mascot | Mid-America Pinball Tour | This American Pinball | Pinball World Record | Dragon's Lair

— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Making of Jurassic Park Video

Stern Pinball released a making of video of Jurassic Park – check it out!

Making of Jurassic Park Pics

Our friend Keith Elwin also shared several pics of the development of Jurassic Park – check some of these out!

Pinball News and Pinball Magazine: Mike Kalinowski Interview

Our friends at the Pinball News and Pinball Magazine Podcast interviewed Mike Kalinowski of Homepin as part of their October review podcast. Mike shared some more information about their next pinball machine that is based on Chinese Zombies. Here are just a few nuggets:

  • Chinese Zombies hop, and Homepin has made a mech that will have a hopping zombie on the playfield.
  • It will be a very simple game, with a simple layout and a single ramp and return rail.  It is an open layout, and the design is two older machines “cobbled together” with 6 or 7 shots.
  • It is targeting new players that have never seen a pinball machine at all before.  It is not high end, and not trying to compete with any others on the market, a stand alone machine.
  • It has a DMD (not LCD).
  • It won’t have blood and guts (it won’t be graphic).
  • It is coded with the display and voice callouts in Chinese but there will also be an English version.
  • It is supposed to be ready to manufacture within the month or so.

Check out the podcast here!

Mike also shared the following post on Facebook regarding the Chinese Zombies theme:

Backbox Pinball Podcast: Zoe Vrabel Talks IFPA

Our friends at Backbox Pinball Podcast were joined last week by Zoe Vrabel! Among many other topics, Zoe and host Lauren Gray chat about the new IFPA women’s advisory board. Here is a portion of their discussion:

Backbox Pinball Podcast: In sitting down with Josh and the IPFA, what do you see the Women’s Board role?  What are you bringing to the table and what are you voicing opinions on?

Zoe Vrabel: That is a good question.  And I think it is a two pronged approach.  One is that as women and as people who are clued into the wider women’s network, we have a sense of things that female pinball players are looking for that the IFPA previously may have just not have realized were topics to be addressed.  For example – when we’re talking about something like women’s events which are trying to increase the number of women playing pinball…there are some restrictions, such as, if you’re running an event at a private home and fewer than 16 people attend, it doesn’t count for points.  And for open events, sure that makes sense.  You don’t want to just have someone who had their friends over and get points.  But if it is a starting out women’s league where you’re not there yet – you’re not drawing 16 people on a regular basis – that is something that only women would notice as being a deterrent to running a league or starting a women’s event out of someone’s private collection.  So that is kind of the first prong is just – hey, here are issues you may not have even thought about.

And then also just making sure the female perspective is represented in regular IFPA decisions.  Sure, there is a women’s ranking and there are women’s only events, but there are still open stuff that still includes female players…there are open events and women are playing in the open events too and we want our perspective to be heard in open events as well as women’s only events.

Check out the full podcast here!!

Special When Lit: Unique Rule on Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle

Our friends at Special When Lit Pinball Podcast had their Spooky Correspondent – Dr. John – report this week about an interesting code feature on Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle:

“In Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle, with the Crypt lock, which is a single ball lock similar to a Danesi lock on TNA…this can be stolen by another player.  But what people are now finding out that if you do steal it from another player, not only do you get the multiball points, but the player that originally locked it also gets a million points.”

(Note: that feature can be turned off for tournament play)

Check out the full podcast here!!

SDTM: Elvira’s House of Horrors Review

Our friends at Straight Down the Middle released a Halloween edition of their YouTube show! Zach Meny, a Stern Pinball Distributor, and Greg B(+)one share their thoughts below – check it out!

Planetary Pinball Pinside Post

This is worth noting – last week Planetary Pinball shared the following post on Pinside:

One of the issues with licensing any brands that have evolved is that sometimes the license holders are reluctant to want to do projects that have ‘old’ stuff … they want their ‘new’ stuff out there, but not products which will dilute or confuse … so often a challenge when we are looking at licensing parts, merchandise, pinball machines, etc … that is usually when there are new characters or changes in the story line, etc.

– Planetary Pinball

In reading between the lines, this post seems to imply licensing difficulties with remaking games such as Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure and The Addams Family and the like. Keep in mind this is just making an assumption based on one post, so you can make of it what you will.

American Pinball New Mascot, New Artist?

American Pinball shared the following post on their Facebook page last week:

In the comments section, they do give some hints that the artist – Joel de Guzman – may be working with American Pinball on a project. They do state Joel is NOT on game #3.

Mid-America Pinball Tour – Starting 2020

The Mid-America Pinball Tour will be happening in 2020!

The Mid-America Pinball Tour is excited to make its debut in 2020 with up to 10 highly competitive tournaments. In the inaugural season, the tour will have events in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri. These states are key in building overall growth in pinball within the region, and have a great amount of untapped potential for high level competition.

We look forward to learning more about this tour and supporting its awesome efforts to grow this hobby!! For questions and to get involved, contact Sam Swain at

New Podcast Alert: This American Pinball

There is a new pinball podcast! It is hosted by Joshuah Jacobs and is very well produced. The first monthly episode is called Pinball Halloween Horrors – check it out here or subscribe to it on your favorite podcatcher!

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— Cool and Crazy Stuff —

Ryan Clancy Sets New Pinball WORLD RECORD

This is such a cool story and also the definition of crazy!! In an effort to raise money for a children’s hospital in Wisconsin that helped treat his son, Ryan Clancy played pinball for over 32 HOURS – 32 hours and 2 minutes to be exact. (For the question of how did he use the restroom, he got a five minute break every hour.) Also, he had to play the SAME machine the whole time – he played on Black Knight Sword of Rage Pro model.

Check out a story and video interview on it here! Also, our friends at the Poor Mans Pinball Podcast interviewed Ryan on their most recent podcast – you can listen to that interview here! Huge congratulations to Ryan Clancy!!

Dragon’s Lair Pinball Machine

This looks to be a home-brew machine – check it out!

Jack Danger and Pinball Featured on TV

Going to guess they called him a wizard at some point!

AC/DC Cover – Music Video Featuring Pinball

Nintendo Switch Game: Flipper Mechanic

Not kidding. A video game about fixing pinball machines (and arcade games). Which would be cool if you could actually learn something, but since they get to the guts of the pinball machine not by removing the glass and lifting the playfield, but by folding down the side of the cabinet – I have low expectations.

24 Hour Pinball Tournament At the Sanctum

Image result for i like you but you're crazy gif

“Pinball” Would Be a Good Name for Bowling

Actually, a good point.

— End of Post Bonus —

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