TWIP TUESDAY: February 19th, 2019

Dead Flip Documentary | Todd Tuckey | Oktoberfest on the Line | Spooky Tease | Joe Katz Interview | TPF Schedule | Best Cake Ever

— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Dead Flip Documentary: How to Build a Pinball Machine

Jack Danger of Dead Flip has been streaming his build of a homebrew pinball machine, and shared last week on Pinside that it will be turned into a documentary! This could be a HUGE help to all of us that would like to build our own pinball machine.

[Editor’s Note: This means it is time to turn my Harry Potter pinball machine ideas into a REAL pinball machine. The only question is to do ONE machine, or one machine for each book…]

Todd Tuckey Talks Pinball on PBS

Todd Tuckey of TNT Amusements joined Grover Silcox on the TV show Counter Culture last week!

Todd discusses several topics in the eight minute segment, including:

  • That he has sold over 26,000 machines
  • Different celebrities he’s sold machines to
  • His part in inventing the home market
  • His estimation that Stern produces between 8,000 and 10,000 machines each year

Check it out!

Oktoberfest On the Line

American Pinball shared an update on their Facebook page last week, showing that their newest creation, Oktoberfest, is on the line! Check it out:

Spooky Teases Scott Danesi’s Second Game

Ok so it looks like it is an auto plunger…ENHANCE

And what is that sticking up from the playfield…Ok, we may have to wait for a better angle.

Dead Flip: POTC Stream with JJP Team

Jack Danger of Dead Flip was joined by the team at JJP to stream Pirates of the Caribbean – check it out!

Joe Katz on Pinball Profile

Joe Katz of Jersey Jack Pinball joined Jeff Teolis on Pinball Profile last week! Here are just a couple highlights:

PP [discussing wide body games]: The decision for Jersey Jack, in the first two games before Pat Lawlor came in with Dialed In, and we saw it go back to it in Pirates, these were wide body games.  Was that just because there was so much to put in them?

Joe Katz: I think with WOZ, and again I wasn’t here in the early early days, but I think for WOZ it definitely was a – hey, nobody is doing this anymore and we’re going to stuff all this stuff into this game, and we might as well make it a wide body.  It isn’t a company stance that we have to do widebodies.  It just sort of worked for – Eric stuffing all he stuffed into Pirates, putting a ship in the back, then putting another ship in the back.  It just made sense in that case.  But I don’t think it is something that we have to do.

Katz also talked about Dialed In rules, the strategy for the Big Bang target, being the voice of Crazy Bob, and more – listen to the full episode here!

Texas Pinball Festival Schedule Released

The schedule for the Texas Pinball Festival was released last week – click here to check it out!!

Haggis Pinball Update

Haggis Pinball shared recently that they will not have Wraith ready for the Texas Pinball Festival:

Looking forward to seeing this machine when it is ready!

Multimorphic P3 Announces TPF Show Deal

SDTM: Godzilla Pinball Machine Review

Our friends Zach and Greg from Straight Down the Middle: a pinball show reviewed Godzilla last week – check it out!

Belles & Chimes Comes to Melbourne

Our friends at Ausretrogamer announced last week that they now have a Belles and Chimes chapter in Melbourne, Australia – check out the article here!

— Cool and Crazy Stuff —

Best. Cake. Ever.

Former Green Bay Packers Coach Buys Pirates

Mike McCarthy, who coached the Green Bay Packers for over a decade and led them to a Super Bowl win in 2010, recently bought a Pirates of the Caribbean – how cool is that! And love Eric’s post too 🙂

Valentine’s Day Pinball Poems

Our friend Krystle Gemnich created dozens of pinball poems for Valentine’s Day, including:

Roses are red
My flight has landed
Where’s the taxi
Pinbot stranded

— End of Post Bonus —

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