THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 7/25/22: Queen Revealed by Pinball Brothers and MORE

Queen Revealed by Pinball Brothers | Texas Pinball Festival Hotel Rooms | Rumors about Venom by Stern Pinball | The Super Awesome Pinball Show: George Gomez Interview | Cary Hardy: 6 Things To Know | HurryUpPinball: How to Level a Pinball Machine
The Scoop

Queen Revealed by Pinball Brothers

Make sure to check out the full articles about the game and the two different versions available at the sites below. Queen is a great theme and should easily be a hit if it plays well and sounds great. We will definitely be looking forward to seeing video of gameplay and getting our hands on one to try out.

Texas Pinball Festival Announces Hotel Rooms Available

Rumors Abound for Venom by Stern Pinball

Kaneda and many others in the “pinball media” are pushing rumors about Stern’s next game. A lot of the rumors center around Stern’s connection with Todd McFarlane, original artist of Venom for Marvel. Stern had both McFarlane and Ozzy Osbourne in their booth at the 2022 Comic-Con in San Diego (details from post on Ozzy’s site). Ozzy and McFarlane both recently released a limited edition comic book for Ozzy’s latest album. It does look like the two of them are connected to an upcoming announcement from Stern still expected to be in August sometime.

What do you think will be the next game revealed from Stern Pinball?

Last Week’s Poll Results

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The Super Awesome Pinball Show: George Gomez Interview

The Super Awesome Pinball Show

The guys at The Super Awesome Pinball Show have been putting out some great interviews lately and we are just now catching up. Episode #32 was their second part of a frank discussion with George Gomez, the man directing the show there at Stern Pinball. They discussed a ton of stuff including the following:

  • Licensing issues
  • Parts procurement issues
  • Still producing more pinball games than before COVID
  • “2 Day Franchitti Recording Marathon” – Gomez
  • Bar in NY with a drink named after Gomez – Solid State Bar
  • Gomez is a Rum drinker
  • Possible availability: Elvira Topper
  • Discussion about what he looks for in a designer
  • Believes in tribal knowledge but also thinks advancements must continue on and that knowledge must adjust over time.  We have to move on from the 90s.
  • “That’s the way we did it at Williams is not great advice.” – Gomez
  • “Game designers don’t have a lock on creative stuff.”
  • “The best designers empower their team to do what they do and be creative.”
  • “If it isn’t fun and compelling we don’t have anything.”
  • Discusses how he met and decided to check out Keith Elwin and his homebrew.
  • “Jack Danger is relentless.”
  • Some hard, emotional discussion about Lyman Sheets
  • Animation assets on current titles
  • Gomez’s next game has 3 flippers**

Check out the full podcast here.

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Cary Hardy: 6 Things To Know

Cary Hardy put together a good overview for newcomers to the hobby. Make sure to share with your friends that are getting addicted.

Repair and Maintenance Tips

HurryUpPinball does a great job of fully explaining what to do to level a pinball machine in one of their in-depth tutorials. This makes me want a pinball cart to save my back. I also thought the idea of recording the level readings with the glass on after the game is fully leveled so that you can level it easier later on is brillant.

Make sure to check out the Latest Games and Rumors page.

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10 months ago

I just wanted to say that I’m so glad you’re back with these posts! They were always a very nice way to condense pinball news that I may have missed otherwise on a weekly basis, and I very much appreciate them.

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