THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 7/24/23: Venom Week, Black Rose Tutorial, Pinball Co-Op Expands, Pinball Butts & MORE

Venom Week | Meme of the Week | Multimorphic July 2023 Update | Poll of the Week | Black Rose Pinball Tutorial | Odds & Evens
The Scoop


For those of you who have been touching grass this week and not following the play-by-play of Stern’s Venom launch, we’ll catch you up!

Among the pinball media universe (the best pini-verse, in our opinion), everyone had their own hot take.

Meme of the Week

Butts are fun!

Multimorphic July 2023 Update


The update covered the following:

  • They have reached their staffing goals which will reduce production times
  • Lead time on new machine orders has come down to 6 months
  • Game kit orders have little to no wait except for Final Resistance
  • Final Resistance modules are still waiting on parts and won’t start shipping for another couple weeks
  • The 1.0.0 code for Final Resistance is in testing right now

Check out the full update

Who wins in a head-to-head, best-of-7 pinball match?

Last Week’s Poll Results

Become Queen of the High Seas; Black Rose Pinball Tutorial

Learn how to play another game from the Brian Eddy catalog, 1992’s Bally Black Rose with this detailed gameplay tutorial from James McFatter and Kineticist.

Read here: Black Rose Pinball Tutorial

Odds & Evens

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