THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 2/13/23: Elwin on the Classics, Podcast Milestones, Reveals, Game Overs, and MORE

LoserKid Interview Keith Elwin | Slam Tilt Celebrate 200th Episode and Interview Mark Penacho | Poll of the Week | Game Over for The Super Awesome Pinball Show | Ian Back On Poor Man's Pinball Podcast | Macho Pinball Revealed | How to Rebuild Bally Flippers
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LoserKid Pinball Podcast – Interview with Keith Elwin (The GOAT)

The LoserKid Pinball Podcast asked some great questions of Keith Elwin, the designer of James Bond 60th Anniversary from Stern.

  • Keith’s classic tourney picks: Frontier and High Speed
  • Minor update for Godzilla coming out soon: 2/9 for 1.04 Code
  • Terror of Mechagodzilla and another mini-wizard mode will be available from the quick start menu soon on Godzilla
  • Discussion on Elwin’s code progression and learnings over his games.  Power-ups and new ball save approach.
  • Elwin talks about volunteering for the James Bond 60th Anniversary edition.
  • The spinning disc homes to a specific position, so a little different than Avengers
  • Discusses the addition of the 4th spinner in Bond 60th
  • His High Score is 80,000 now on Bond 60th and can max out around 200,000ish.  Challenges Karl Deangelo to roll it.
  • Cheetah and Ali were some of the inspirations to Bond 60th design.  Diamond Lady has a similar figure 8 shot.
  • Discuss the tripable inline drops
  • Elwin’s Favorite single level games: Frontier, Skateball, Eight Ball Deluxe, Alien Star
  • Discussion on design team and decisions made for Bond 60th
  • Elwin won’t have a cornerstone game coming out in 2023.  His next designed game won’t be rushed and he has had a chance to redesign several shots because of it.
  • What makes a great shot and how Elwin approaches designing one.  Is the shot interesting or does it have a reason; like feeding a mech or toy.
  • 2 full size flippers and 2 other flippers on his new game.  3 flippers on one side.
  • Elwin personally has between 30 – 40 games

Listen to the full episode

The Slam Tilt Podcast Celebrate 200th Episode – Interview Mark Penacho

Slam Tilt Podcast

Congratulations on 200 episodes to The Slam Tilt Podcast! Ron and Bruce might be a little rough around the edges, but they continue to have an amazing, humorous podcast. They touch on all areas of pinball, including tech and tournament talk, in a way that is enjoyable for everyone.

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In their latest episode they interview Mark Penacho, software engineer at both Williams and now Stern Pinball.

  • First game Panacho worked on was Earthshaker
  • Discusses working with Steve Ritchie and Rollergames
  • Stories about working with Python Angelo
  • Fish Tales was his last game with Williams 
  • Is now the lead dev on James Bond 60th Anniversary at Stern Pinball
  • He will go back to working on Insider Connected when Bond 60th is done
  • Penacho gives some info on the rules in Bond 60th

Listen to the full 200th episode

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Game Over for The Super Awesome Pinball Show

Poor Man’s Pinball Podcast – Ian is back on the Sloppiest Show on the Internet – In The Year 3000

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Macho Pinball Revealed on Special When Lit Pinball Podcast

Listen to the episode to find out who is Macho Pinball

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