THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 10/3/22: First Queen and James Bond 007 Videos and MORE

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Pinball Brothers Release First Queen Video

The Pinball Brothers have released the first official video of a ball rolling on their newest game, Queen. The video really makes the game look like a blast even though the live music isn’t quite the same as what we generally think of as Queen. You even get a sneak peek of a fat bottomed girl!

First Video of James Bond 007 Gameplay

Pinball News has somehow gotten some gameplay videos of a James Bond Premium prototype machine. This isn’t the best but it gives us our first chance to see the shots and flow of the game. I really like how that left orbit goes up the back panel ramp. Keep in mind that the code is very early on this video so there will be a lot of changes before we see an official gameplay stream. We also learned from The Pinball Show that Stern won’t start shipping 007 games to locations until November. Listen to the full episode

What is your favorite video mode in a pinball machine?

Last Week’s Poll Results

Loose Flip: Tour of Dutch Pinball Factory

Calling all Pinball Podcasts/Streamers/Video Creators for TWIPYs

If you have a podcast/stream/video channel and aren’t already featured on the Pinball Promoters DB, then make sure to let us know so we can get you added. We use the list from the Pinball Promoters DB to setup the Pre-Voting ballot for the TWIPYs. If you want to be included please send an email to .

Repair and Maintenance Tips

Check out the site for info on how to value your machines or on what a good price to pay for a game is. Doc Finlay has been adding new records of sales from EBay, Pinside, and auction sites so that you can search by machine and see average prices per year as well as each sale record.

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