SUPER HOOP REVEALED! Deep Dive: In Depth Overview of the Machine, Features, Rules and Code

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Super Hoop Overview

Last week RB Flip France ( streamed a pinball machine called SUPER HOOP for the first time from Planète Transcards jeux – check out the stream below!

Super Hoop (2022) QUETZAL PINBALL by Bitronic – Final Prototype

Super Hoop (2022) QUETZAL PINBALL by Bitronic 🇪🇸 Final Prototype ✌️ 🚨WORLD STREAM PREMIERE🚨 Le dernier né de Quetzal Pinball 🇪🇸 ! Flipper Espagnol et surtout Européen ! Le flipper est maintenant terminé et disponible à la vente en France chez Planète Jeux Transcards au prix de 5790€ TTC ! 😎 Nous avons pu le découvrir avec toute l’équipe et notre ami Jojol67 ! Merci à tous pour cette journée parfaite avec nos abonnés et de magnifique machines ! Nastassia Loose !

Posted by RB Flip France on Saturday, January 22, 2022

A HUGE thank you to our friends at RB Flip France for putting This Week in Pinball in touch with the folks at Quetzal Pinball and Bitronic!

Super Hoop was developed by Quetzal Pinball and is being manufactured by Bitronic.

Below is an in-depth overview of the machine, and a dive into the features and rules – check it out!

Pricing, Production, Availability

  • Price: TBA
  • Production: 100 units are built and will be sent to distributors in Europe & USA. Bitronic is currently working on the second production of 300 units.
  • Availability: In the USA and Canada, you can contact the following distributors:


Tommy Floyd, President

Office: (604) 746-6662  ext 1

Toll Free: 1-855-DO-NITRO (36-64876)

Cell: (604) 226-5346


Zachary L. Meny



  • Illuminated backbox with 15″ LCD display
  • Interactive lighting rails
  • Upper portion of playfield includes:
  • And many more!

Rules and Code

The objective of the game is complete the 6 main game modes. Shoot the upper scoop to choose the mode (use flipper buttons to change modes; press both buttons to select mode).

6 Main Games/Modes

    • This game consists of collecting the 5 shooting positions
    • First hit the 3 point targets, then the basket to collect the positions
    • If you hit the target that is blinking in 2 colors, it will increase the score
    • If you do this 5 times, you will score a Jackpot
    • Shoot the 2 ramps 8 times
    • If completed in order, rewards with a Jackpot
  • 21
    • Score more than 21 points to win the game
    • Hit any target in the playfield to get points
    • Shoot the basket to add the points to the score
    • If you hit the bank of targets that is blinking in 2 colors, the scores will be double or triple
    • Collect 4 skills to complete the game: Run & Gun, Pick & Roll, Assist, and Crossover
    • Shoot each skill 2 times
    • If collect 4 skills in order, you get a Jackpot
    • Shoot basket or left ramp to win the game
    • Shoot the blinking shoots to collect 5 letters and win the game
    • If completed in order (shooting the light blinking in 2 colors) you get a Jackpot
    • Complete 8 shots to win the game
    • If completed in order, reward with a Jackpot


Launch the ball to the upper flipper and shoot the left ramp to collect the skill shot.


After completing the skillshot, shoot the left ramp again to get the Super Skillshot.


  • Shoot the multiball lock (Assist) 2 times to lite the lock
  • Lock 3 balls to start multiball
  • Collect jackpots (Right ramp and basket shot)
  • Collect super jackpot shooting left ramp
  • To reload jackpots in the multiball, lock ALLEY OOP MULTIBALL (?)
  • Complete 3 upper loops in a row to start a 2 ball multiball
  • Collect jackpots on the left ramp


Ball completed, Pick & Roll, Run & Gun and Rebound increase the value of the multiplier up to 5x.


When you get enough spins of the spinner, it will start the Kisscam. A target starts blinking in 2 colors, after a few seconds the target “moves”. Hit the moving target to collect “kisscam”.


  • Complete 5 shooting positions to lite extra ball
  • Left loop moves lit position left and Right loop moves lit position right
  • Shoot the basket to collect the position
  • After collect the 5 positions, shoot left ramp to get the “Extra ball”


Lite the 2 upper lanes and shoot the basket with the 2 upper controlled slingshots to collect the rebound.


Shoot the lower scoop 3 times to start countdown to collect Run & Gun. Shoot the basket before the countdown ends.


Shoot the basket within 3 seconds after the countdown starts for Run & Gun.


Shoot the upper scoop 3 times to start the countdown to collect Pick & Roll, shoot the basket before the countdown ends.


Shoot the multiball lock 3 times to lite Assist. You just have a few seconds to shoot the left ramp to collect it.


Shoot the right ramp 3 times to start the countdown to collect Crossover. Shoot the basket before the countdown ends.


Complete 3 upper loops to complete Alley opp. Complete 5 loops for “Super Alley Opp”.


After enough left ramps, “Smash” and “Super Smash” are lit and can be collected by shooting the basket.

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