Pinball for Dummies

By Will Oetting

Pinball for Dummies

When I first stepped up to a pinball machine I was very intimidated.  Not only was there a lot going on with the playfield, but all of the animations, lights, and music overwhelmed the senses.  Many folks give up right away when it’s not obvious how you even start a game.  I hope that the following guide will  give you the basic knowledge you need to get past that intimidation.  We’ll go from pushing the start button to what is on the playfield and even some basic strategies. When you understand the basics of pinball, you will be able to fully enjoy playing each “world under glass.”

Lesson List:

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Full Glossary of Pinball Terms

About the Author: Will Oetting

I helped my father-in-law buy his first game, Bounty Hunter, and then instantly missed it when it left the house.  That drew me to the community and I was lovestruck pretty hard.  I have been working with Jeff behind the scenes of TWIP to help make sure that the website is running at its best.  I am also on the TWIPY committee where I help setup the surveys and collect the data for the awards.  My current favorite machine is Taxi but I also enjoy games of all types.

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3 years ago

some day i hope i can get one im 62 years old used to play them all the time back in the day .have a good day you all and have fun .😉

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