FIRST LOOK: Medieval Madness Alternate Backglass

Incredible Medieval Madness Alternate Backglass by Brian Allen

Created by Brian Allen

We are excited to reveal new alternative acrylic backglass and translite artwork for Medieval Madness!!


Created by Brian Allen, this is a redesign of the classic Medieval Madness Backglass, officially licensed from Williams/Bally!

Brian asked for feedback from Medieval Madness fans before starting. It was suggested that he illustrate the Six Kings of each of the Castles you destroy in the game. The Earl of Ego, Sir Psycho, Francois De Grimm, Lord Howard Hurtz, the Duke of Bourbon, and of course, Payne! It was also suggested that he add a bunch of tributes to Monty Python’s Holy Grail, so he snuck in as many as he could:

Most people wanted to see something more colorful, light-hearted, and fun than the original backglass art, which was created by the legendary pinball artists, Greg Freres and John Youssi.

According to Brian, this is his most detailed and time-consuming alternate backglass so far (he has also created alternate backglasses for Attack From Mars and Monster Bash). Brian shares that Medieval Madness is a highly respected and coveted pinball game, and he wanted to put everything he had into this to pay it the respect it deserved!


Available in two options:

1. 1/8″ Limited Edition Acrylic Backglass Version:

  • Reverse-printed on a 1/8″ thick translucent acrylic backglass (not a thin Translite).
  • Double-layered ink, and double-layered white backing to make the colors really pop.
  • Measures 27″x 18 7/8″ to fit in a Medieval Madness Classic and Remake machine, or a lightbox. Looks beautiful when backlit!
  • It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist. LIMITED TO ONLY 250.

2. Flexible Translite:

  • 26.5″X18.375″ Tall. Measures to fit in a Medieval Madness machine, or a lightbox (90’s WMS/Bally sizing). Looks beautiful when backlit!
  • Signed by the artist, Brian Allen
  • Double-layered ink, and double-layered white backing to make the colors really pop.
  • High-quality flexible translite material. Printed with the same materials and by the same manufacturer as Stern and Chicago Gaming Translites.

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