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Are these reviews?

No!  These are initial impressions of the game based on the reveal stream and images that have been released. Impressions are based on the CURRENT state of the game as of the reveal.  REMINDER: The best way to decide if you like a game is to go find one and play it!

Why are the Industry participants anonymous?

In a perfect world these wouldn’t be anonymous, but I don’t think that will be possible in this case.  The purpose of the anonymous ratings is so people that have friends in the industry or work for manufacturers can still give honest impressions without having to worry about hurting feelings.  Ideally the anonymous nature of this will lead to more honest impressions.

Are the participants bias?

Participants include people from all major manufacturers and they have been encouraged to give thoughtful impressions and only leave a First Take if they feel they can be objective.  There will always be bias, it would be silly and ignorant to pretend otherwise!

Why did I get a message saying my First Take is being moderated?

We check submissions for vulgarity, personal attacks, or outlier blanket reviews (all 10s, all 1s).  Your submission will post shortly.

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