TWIPYs Recap, Stranger Things Topper, Interviews with Eric Meunier and Scott Danesi, Taito of Brazil, Two Weeks of Translites – TWIP 3/29/21

TWIPY Awards Recap | Stranger Things Topper | Interview with Eric Meunier | Interview with Scott Danesi | Ben Heck Game Update | Taito of Brazil | Pinball FX Announcement | Two Weeks of Translites | The Super Awesome Pinball Show Ends | Drain Talk | Pinball HOF Update | Pinball and Geocaching

Guns N’ Roses Updates and Wizard Modes, Final Showdown Challenge, Alien Gameplay, Roger Sharpe Interview, American Pinball New Hire, David Thiel Interview, Zach Sharpe Interview, Duff McKagan and Slash Get Machines, Joe Pesci Mansion – TWIP 2/15/21

Guns N Roses Playfield

GNR Updates, Wizard Modes, Band Members | IE Pinball: Stranger Things Wizard Mode Challenge | Interviews with Roger Sharpe, David Thiel, Zach Sharpe | Alien Pinball Gameplay Teaser | American Pinball New Hire | TWIP January Recap | Napoleon Dynamite | Joe Pesci

Updates for deeproot, Haggis, Homepin, Punny Factory, Interview with Scott Danesi, Spooky Pinball Podcast Ends, GNR Price Increase, John Borg Trolls – TWIP 2/8/21

deeproot Pinball Update | Haggis Pinball Update | GNR Price Increase | Interview with Scott Danesi | New Code: Avengers and Ranger in the Ruins | Punny Factory Gameplay | Spooky Pinball Podcast Ends | Led Zeppelin LEs Arriving | Pinball HOF Update | Homepin Update | TSAPS Shirt Club | John Borg Teases | Pinball Word Search

Punny Factory Teaser Video, New Code Updates, Interview with Zofia Ryan, Alien Lighting, Harry Potter Updates, New MM Art Blades, Andrew Bogut – TWIP 2/1/21

Punny Factory Pinball Teaser | New Code Updates | TWIPYs and PIA | Zofia Ryans Interview | New Playfield Art Kits for P3 | PIAs and TWIPYs | Alien Lighting Features | New Art Blades for Medieval Madness | Harry Potter Updates | Zen Studio | Roller Games Retheme | Andrew Bogut