Pinball Innovators and Makers Podcast

This podcast follows and highlights the journeys of those designing, developing and making their own pinball machines.

The interviews are depth technical narratives of the how, why and what of the custom and home brew pinball scene.

The podcast also follows the journey of
Some of these innovative makers to market as they build businesses to sell their ideas.

The podcast works to take a positive, supportive approach

Bob & Fae Show

Welcome to The Bob & Fae Show. We are avid pinball players hosting FX3 Tournaments for Cash & Prizes.
We stream FX3 Mon 6pm-8:30pm EST & Wed 6:30pm-9pm EST on Twitch. Catch us live to win!
On Sat. 7am-done we host Flick & Game playing VPX Pinball in the morning, moving to community play: Rocket League, Splitgate, more.
We are attempting to build a community of gamers, who simply want to improve their game & have as many GGs as possible.

Games will vary, but not our love for the game will not, so come and join us.


Feature Visual FX Artist to now CGI Supervisor for The Simpsons animation on FOX! “Jack of all trades, master of none? I absolutely LOVE videos games. Gaming since the mere age of 4. Does that mean I’m good at them? Let’s learn together and game out… or is that… hang out?” Either way, I’M GAME!

Arcade Hollywood

Arcade Hollywood

Classic 80’s Retro Coin-Operated Video Games, Pinball Machines, and the Community surrounding both! Join Arcade Hollywood to explore this wonderful hobby. This is all about the history of classic arcade games as he collects, restores, fixes, and just in general obsessives about preserving the history of these games!