Angry Birds Concept Pin Sketches and Notes

Sketches and Notes from Designer Dave Sanders

TWIP recently published the Angry Birds Pitch from Heighway Pinball. Dave Sanders was the designer of this machine, and shared some additional details on Pinside after the pitch was posted:

I was positing the merits of an Angry Birds pinball as far back as 2009, so the license was ultimately my idea, as was the bulk of that pitch document work, with Phil Dixon providing the renders. That was very early on in the Heighway days, it was still 2012 when that was put together. I’ve already said this elsewhere, but it fell through not because Rovio didn’t like it, but because they wanted to protect their family-friendly image and insisted the machine couldn’t go into any adult-orientated establishments, and we couldn’t possibly guarantee that.

Dave Sanders then sent TWIP a bunch of additional notes and pictures of the concept pin which are very interesting – check them out below!

Playfield notes
Tower notes
Pig notes
Launcher notes
Diverter notes
Dual Lane Tower Plan
First Angry Birds Playfield
Second Angry Birds Playfield

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