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Legends of Valhalla Mechs and Modes | Williams Pinball Volume 3 | Munsters Rules | Color Display for AMH | The Best Proposal Ever | Nick Jonas

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Legends of Valhalla Mechs and Modes

As mentioned last week on TWIP, Riot Pinball shared some information about their creation, Legends of Valhalla. We got some more information recently regarding this machine. On a Pinside post, Riot Pinball shares the following:

I’ve had a few people email me with questions wondering about how many of the mechanisms and shots on the game are actually going to work. Below are a few pictures from the first whitewood we built. I started off a little slower on this build with getting a playfield cut that focused almost solely on the shots and layout. Next round of prototyping will include the inserts and rest of the features needed. We have validated the shots for the most part, although it hasn’t really been through much rigor yet, as this first whitewood was built with 3D printed ramps that just can’t quite take the abuse. Next round will have metal ramps with welded habitrails.

The Viking ship is one of my favorite mechs in the game in that it acts as a physical ball lock. When a player shoots the right ramp from the upper left flipper one of two things will happen. If locks are not lit, a post inside the ship will drop and all the ball to pass freely through the ship and back onto the playfield. If locks are lit (via completing the “light ship locks” targets on the right side of the playfield – bottom of the right orbit) you will enable the ship to start locking balls for multiball and the game will physically lock a ball in the ship and kick a new one out to the shooter lane. Once three balls are locked in the ship, they will be released for a frenzied multiball experience. The pictures show the ship with the cover on as well as off.

Thor’s hammer is another fun little mech in the game that’s mounted on the back vertical panel. At different times during the game play experience the hammer can come down and smite the pinball. Obviously, having a hammer come down and smack a steel ball into a wood playfield is not only trouble for the playfield, but for the hammer too, so this is all simulated in that a post actually is timed with the hammer strike to come up and actually be what stops the ball. But hey, it still looks like the hammer’s doing most of the work.
Lastly, we have the subway to Hel. We have the scoop shot about as low as ever designed on a pinball and as such, is a challenging shot. However, we’ve given the player options for getting there through other avenues, one of which is by sneaking the ball in behind the upper left flipper when that flipper is held open. By holding that flipper open and then shooting the ball past it, the ball can travel down and through a hole in the playfield to the subway that feeds the scoop from the back side. Eventually the ball is returned back to the land of the living by being shot hard at the right flipper.

They also shared the following pictures:

They also shared some information on how the modes will work in the game:

For those interested, here’s some quick info on how our 16 legend specific modes will work in the game. To start with, there are four tiers of modes. Each tier has four individual legends that you can choose to play. At the start of the game, tier 1 is unlocked and the player can choose to play any one of four legends (the Banshee – wailing women spirits, the Draugr – viking zombies, Dearg Due – viking vampire woman, or Fossegrimmen – water creature). Starting a mode is done by shooting the scoop or the far right shot that sends the ball down to the shooter lane and then selecting the mode you want to play.

To unlock the next tier level, players must collect viking weapons. This is done by shooting the left ramp which will light another shot at random. There are 9 different shots that you can collect a weapon as well as other game mechanics such as mystery awards at the scoop, top rollovers, etc. As players get deeper into the game they have the choice of playing the modes that are already unlocked, or take some risk by attempting to unlock higher modes that are worth more points and offer new experiences.

Collecting enough weapons and playing all 16 legends are two of eight requirements for making it to both of the wizard modes – Valhalla and Ragnarok.

Stay tuned for more on the other six requirements as well as deeper dive into other rules and details of the game.

As a reminder, Riot Pinball is not sure yet if this will be a “one-off” machine or if it will have a larger production run. Looking forward to seeing this progress!!

Zen Studios Announces Williams Pinball Volume 3

Last week Zen Studios announced Williams Pinball Volume 3, coming March 19th! It will include the following new games:


Our friends at the Blahcade Podcast also interviewed Mel Kirk and Thomas Crofts on their most recent episode to discuss this release – check it out here!

Munsters Rules on Tilt Forums, Munsters Baby Pin Stadiums

Someone started a rules sheet on Tilt Forums to keep up with any updated code – check it out here!

Also Munsters related – check out this unique airbrushed trim that someone put on their Munsters pinball machine!!

Finally, Scott at Pin Stadium created some Baby Pin Stadiums for the Munsters lower playfield – check out a video here!

Color Display Coming for America’s Most Haunted

Someone got permission to make a colorized display for America’s Most Haunted! They made it very clear that Spooky Pinball is NOT involved in this project in any way, other than giving this individual permission to move forward with it.

Check out the video of the colorized display here!

Join in the Pinside conversation here!

And for information about ordering, click here.

Arcade Expo This Weekend

This coming weekend Arcade Expo is taking place in Souther California – click here for more information!

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The Best Proposal Ever.

Check out the DMD – and she said yes!

Nick Jonas and Pinball

Magic Girl #00 For Sale

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Read TWIP on a Pinball Machine while Playing Pinball?

Love this picture sent by a TWIP reader!

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