TWIP TUESDAY: July 30th, 2019

Homepin Teases New Game | Pinball Map Huge Update | New Code: DI and BKSOR | New Shaker | Harry Potter Virtual Stream | TPF Artwork

— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Jurassic Park Deep Dive

In case you missed it – check out our Jurassic Park DEEP DIVE, an in-depth overview of the machine, features, rules, and more!

And check out the reveal stream from Dead Flip below!

Homepin Teases New Game

But don’t ask for more details!

Pinball Map Huge Update

Pinball Map spent 14 months updating their popular application, and just shared a massive update!!

Check out the walk through here:

Here are a few of the changes.

  • It’s all just ONE BIG MAP now. No more switching between regions.
  • …But you can still search for a region and pull up all the locations in it. The search also autocompletes for cities that definitely have machines.
  • RECENT ACTIVITY feed, which shows all map edits within 30 miles of wherever you’re searching.
  • SAVE your favorite locations and quickly see a list of your favorites.
  • FILTER map results by machine, location type, operator, and/or number of machines.
  • See nearby events.
  • It’s faster and better and more fun to use!

[Editor’s Note: This is the app I use to find pinball in different cities when I’m traveling, it is awesome, download it on your mobile device today!]

New Code: Dialed In! v1.71

Check it out!

New Code: Black Knight v1.00

Check it out!

Making of Black Knight Sword of Rage

New Shaker from PinSound

PinSound announced a new shaker kit!! Check out these features:

  • CPU gameplay synchronized
  • 12+ different vibrations patterns (impact, rumble, haptic, explosion, jackpot etc…)
  • Instant reactivity and ultra fast start & stop
  • 3 adjustable power intensity levels

For more info and pricing, click here!!

Harry Potter Virtual Pinball Stream from Orbital Albert

Calm down everybody (mainly me)!! This is not a real pinball machine, “just” a virtual machine.

Our friend Orbital Albert from the Pinball Nerds Podcast will be streaming this for (what is believed to be) the FIRST time TONIGHT at 7:30 EST – click here to watch!

Also, it is Albert’s birthday today, so if you join the stream, make sure to wish him a happy birthday!!!

Texas Pinball Festival Reveals Artwork

Artwork by Christopher Franchi!

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