TWIP TUESDAY: December 10th, 2019

Chuck Ernst Joins Flip N Out | Dead Flip Game(s) Updates | AP Amy Pinn Colorized | MNF Shows Seattle Pinball Museum | A Computer Plays Pinball

— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Flip N Out Streaming: Chuck Ernst

Chuck Ernst, the Computer Graphics Art Director for Stern Pinball, joined our friends at the Flip N Out streaming channel to talk Elvira’s House of Horrors – check it out!

Dead Flip Game(s) Updates

Our friend Jack Danger of Dead Flip shared a progress update on his home-brew game last week:

He also shared an interesting tidbit in his newsletter last week about a second game he is working on:

I’m working on game #2, but I can’t design live on stream. Reasons. Just know, I’m gonna throw every awesome thing I’ve mentioned and more.

– Jack Danger

Jack also shaved his beard in a Dead Flip grooming update.

American Pinball’s Amy Pinn: Colorized

High quality pinball apparel!


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— Cool and Crazy Stuff —

Monday Night Football Shows Seattle Pinball Museum

Football and Pinball, tough to beat.

Skipnatty Destroys Reactor 9 Live

Check out this critical decision!!

A Computer that Plays Pinball

Shout out to Dwight Sullivan for sharing this cool story – Microsoft showed a computer playing pinball in the coolest example of artificial intelligence EVER – check it out!!

Huge Joker Poker in Lyons, France

Possibly part of a lights festival according to Jay Pooks from Facebook – check it out!

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