THIS WEEK IN PINBALL: July 6th, 2020 – Zombie Yeti Teaser and Code Updates

Barry Oursler Battles COVID | Interview with Zombie Yeti | New Code: TMNT, Hot Wheels, Stranger Things | TMNT Panel Discussion | Pinball Technician Database | Heist Unboxing | Fun With Bonus Celebrates Eight Years of Daily Posts | Dutch Pinball Video | BlahCade 200 Episodes | Mirrorball | Ed Robertson's Wilderness Arcade | Pinball with your Eyebrows

Pinball Promoters Payback Program Announced – Look for emails this week!

Last week TWIP announced the Pinball Promoters Payback Program – we are collecting as much contact info as we can and will be sending an email to everyone this week, so keep an eye out for it! Also feel free to email us to provide your email address!

The Scoop


Barry Oursler Battles COVID – Back Home after Hospital Stay

After being admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19, our friend Barry Oursler is now home with his family and pets. Keep getting better Barry – we are thinking about you!

The Super Awesome Pinball Show: Interview with Zombie Yeti (Part 2)

The Super Awesome Pinball Show logo

Last week our friends The Super Awesome Pinball Show released part 2 of their interview with Zombie Yeti – here are just a couple highlights!

On his workload and schedule:

With COVID, all of the music industry, all the tours and things are cancelled.  So I had a bunch of stuff lined up that is now being postponed until next year.  At the moment, for the probably next six months, I am close to 100% [working on projects with] Stern.  Supposedly, this week or last week the next project was supposed to start but I’m still finishing up the last one.

On what title he’s (not) working on:

By the way, I don’t want to say this because I don’t want to give anything out there, I don’t want let people know when they’re wrong but I can tell you right now, one of the major things that is being bandied around is so dead wrong it’s ridiculous.

He also talks about Franchi and Stern, talks about how much he appreciates Greg Freres, talks about doing two sides to cabinets vs. mirroring artwork on cabinets, shares that one of the main features on the original layout of Deadpool was a retractable ramp, talks about other projects he’s done outside of pinball, and he has a pretty fascinating talk with Franchi about their inspirations and art styles.

Check out the full episode here!!

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New Code: TMNT, Hot Wheels, and Stranger Things

Our friends at Stern Pinball and American Pinball released updates last week for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hot Wheels, and Stranger Things – check it out!

Stern Insider Pinball Podcast: TMNT Panel Discussion Part 2

Stern Insider Pinball Podcast logo

Our friends at the Stern Insider Pinball Podcast released a panel discussion last week with lead 3D technical artist Joshua Clay, computer graphics art director Chuck Ernst, and support programmers/artists/voiceovers, Mike and Tom Kyzivat!

They talk about the voice work they did (and give some “live” examples), talk about the storyboards for the animators, talk about trying to get the display to match Zombie Yeti’s artwork and still stay true to the cartoons, talk about how they attempt to present data to the player without overwhelming them, talk about timelines and staying on schedule, explain how they try to talk game designers out of crazy ideas, the limited video assets they had for Stranger Things, the facial expressions with turtles on TMNT, working with licensors and getting approvals, and much more.

You can sign up for free to be a Stern Insider here to listen!

Marco Specialties: Pinball Technician Database

Our friends at Marco Specialties have started a Pinball Technician Database! This can help you find people to help fix your pinball machines. If you can help people fix their pinball machines, click on their database to fill out a form!

Jersey Jack Pinball Podcast with Joe Katz and Kevin Manne

Jersey Jack Pinball Podcast

Our friends at the Jersey Jack Pinball Podcast were joined last week by Joe Katz and Kevin Manne, and they talk pinball streaming and about their head to head pinball streaming battles they have been doing. The next battle is scheduled July 10th at 8:30pm Eastern on Buffalo Pinball’s twitch channel – tune in here!

Host Ken Cromwell also teased some new video content coming this week which will show some inside looks at the day to day operations at Jersey Jack Pinball – keep an eye out on their social media platforms!

Buffalo Pinball: Multimorphic Heist Unboxing

Speaking of Kevin Manne, he streamed an unboxing of Heist last week on the Buffalo Pinball Twitch stream – check it out!

***Also a big congrats to Kevin and Nick and the crew at Buffalo Pinball for releasing their 50th podcast episode last week!! Thank you for all that you do!***

Fun With Bonus Celebrates Eight Years of Daily Posts

Last week our friend Steven Bowden of and deeproot Pinball celebrated EIGHT years of daily pinball posts on Fun With Bonus. Steve has been a strong positive influence on this hobby for many years and is such a great member of the pinball community. From all of us – THANK YOU Steve for everything you have done and continue to do for pinball!!

Dutch Pinball: “Behind the Scenes” Look at What is Going On at Dutch Pinball

Dutch Pinball released a video last week with some information on what they’ve been up to – check it out:

BlahCade Pinball Podcast: 200 Episodes!

BlahCade Pinball Podcast logo

Huge congrats to our friends at the BlahCade Pinball Podcast on their 200th episode!! On this episode they interview David McIntosh and John D. from Arcade 1Up, and talk to Mel Kirk from Zen Studios on what to expect from Zen Studios over the next decade – check out the full podcast here!!

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High quality pinball apparel!


— Cool and Crazy Stuff —

CoinTaker: Mechanical Monday Mirrorball

Check out this machine shared by CoinTaker – it is “half pinball machine and half conceptual art project”!!

Heisenberg’s Uncertain Pinball

Not even sure what to say in the description about this, so I’ll take it straight from the article: “In this psychedelic particle-based pinball game, you control the flippers with your eyebrows.”

But I can only raise my right eyebrow by itself, when I raise my left eyebrow both go up so I’d be double flipping!

Ed Robertson’s Wilderness Arcade

Artifacts of Gene Cunningham/Illinois Pinball

This is a pretty interesting thread on Pinside – check it out!

Other Quick Hits:

  • Happy birthday to Will Oetting!!
  • The Super Awesome Pinball Show announced that co-host Ed Vanderveen would be leaving the podcast – we’ll miss you Ed!!

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Heavy Metal (contract game)
  • Stranger Things
  • Star Wars Vault
  • Elvira’s House of Horrors
  • Jurassic Park
  • Led Zeppelin
  • James Bond
  • Godzilla
  • Rush
Jersey Jack Pinball
  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Dialed In!
  • Hobbit
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Guns N’ Roses
  • Toy Story

Chicago Gaming Company
  • Monster Bash Remake
  • Attack From Mars Remake
  • Medieval Madness Remake
  • Cactus Canyon Remake
  • Theatre of Magic Remake
  • Big Bang Bar Remake
Spooky Pinball
  • Rick and Morty
  • Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle
  • Total Nuclear Annihilation
  • Jetsons (contract game)
  • Dominos (contract game)
  • Ben Heck Licensed Pin
American Pinball
  • Hot Wheels
  • Oktoberfest
  • Houdini
  • Robin Hood
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Valkyries
  • Poker Run
  • Heist (P3 Game Kit)
  • Cosmic Cart Racing (P3 Game Kit)
  • Lexy Lightspeed (P3 Game Kit)
  • Cannon Lagoon (P3 Game Kit)
  • ROCs (P3 Mini-Game)
  • HeadsUp
  • Wizard
  • Magic Girl
  • Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland
  • Fire and Brimstone
  • 2 Dennis Nordman Unlicensed games
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Nothing so far

Other Manufacturers


Team Pinball: The Mafia

Circus Maximus: Kingpin, Python’s Pinball Circus

Homepin: Thunderbirds, Chinese Zombies

Suncoast Pinball: Cosmic Carnival

Great Lakes Pinball: Exposé

Haggis Pinball: Wraith, Celts

Pinball Brothers: Queen?, Barry Oursler’s Original Theme?, Playboy?

Dutch Pinball: Bride of Pinbot 2.0, Bride of Pinbot 3.0 (on hold), The Big Lebowski (production/legal issues)

Silver Castle Pinball: Timeshock

Phénix Pinball: Goblin Contest

Pinball Adventures: Punny Factory, Sushi-Mania, Ninja Mania, First Class, Canada Eh!

Disclaimer: Any articles, interviews, or mentions of pinball manufacturers or pinball products is NOT an endorsement.