THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 1/23/23: New Theatre of Magic Art, Scooby-Doo Production Updates, and MORE

Theatre of Magic New Art | Scooby-Doo Production Updates | INDISC 2023 Viewers | Poll of the Week | TWIPY Awards Final Voting Stats | Scorbit Update | New Pinball Website: Kineticist | Pinball Brothers and Pedretti Gaming Form Euro Pinball Corp | Swords of Vengeance Intro
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Theatre of Magic: New Alternate Art

Alternate Theatre of Magic Pinball and Arcade artwork by freelance Artist Brian Allen. Translite and Acrylic Backglass.

Brian Allen has created a new set of officially licensed artwork for Theatre of Magic pinball machines!
He reimagined the original and drew it in his style. It is available on Limited Edition Acrylic Backglasses, Translites, Side Art Blade decals, LE Art Prints, and even a complete Cabinet Wrap set.

You can see more photos and get more information from his website:

About the Limited Edition Acrylic Backglass:

  • Reverse-printed on a 1/8″ thick translucent acrylic backglass (not a thin Translite).
  • Double-layered ink, and double-layered white backing to make the colors really pop.
  • Measures 27″x 18 7/8″ to fit in any Theater of Magic pinball machine, or a lightbox. Looks beautiful when backlit!
  • Fits all Theatre of Magic pinball machines
  • It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist. LIMITED TO ONLY 175 ever.

About Brian:
Brian has worked for companies such as Activision, Marvel, Adult Swim, Metallica, Pantera, Discord, Hulk Hogan, Chick-Fil-A, and many more. He is most recently known for designing Gritty, the new Philadelphia Flyers mascot that became an internet phenomenon.

Updates on Scooby-Doo from Spooky Pinball

Scooby-Doo Pinball Production
Scooby-Doo Pinball Production

Spooky Pinball has been posting multiple updates about the continued progress on their first run of Scooby-Doo Pinball. Along with the production update from Spooky, they also announced that Scott Innes will be adding to the voice talent on the game. Scott Innes has been doing voices for over 500 Scooby-Doo talking toys, video games, movies, amusement park rides, Super bowl commercials, and more. He will be doing many of the villain voices for the game and possibly more. We hope to see the first stream of Scooby-Doo with Jack Danger of Dead Flip soon.

Scott Innes
Scott Innes

There was also an article in the Telegraph Herald about Spooky Pinball where they mention they are working on building another building to increase their production abilities. They state that the produced about 2,000 games in 2022, so we hope to see more than that for 2023.

Check out the article at:

INDISC 2023: Competitive Pinball Getting 15,000+ Viewers

Karl DeAngelo, IE Pinball, did another amazing job in streaming INDISC 2023. At one point the stream of the Open IFPA Championships made it to the frontpage of to give competitive pinball a consecutive viewers count of 15,000+. There is now over 610,000 total views on the video.

Will 2023 have better pinball machines than 2022?

Last Week’s Poll Results

TWIPY Awards Final Voting Stats

The TWIPY Final Voting ended last week and I thought I’d give out a few stats from the thousands of submissions received. In fact we had more votes this year than any year in the past. This data shows that the TWIPY voting does a good job of representing a large swath of the pinball community around the world and not just a limited few in the media. We are now starting to work on the Live Show at TPF that will be live streamed on March 25th on the TWIP YouTube Channel.

Votes were received from 50 different countries

Below are the percentage of votes each category received showing the popularity for each.

Scorbit Update: Auto Claim Scores

The latest update to the Scorbit app adds some great new features including Auto Claim Scores. There is no need to go into the app between games to get your scores when you turn on the turn on Auto Claim Scores.

Check out the full update info

New Pinball Website: Kineticist


There is a new pinball website that is growing its content. They have several fun and interesting articles available including:

Pinball Brothers and Pedretti Gaming Forming Euro Pinball Corp

Pinball Brothers announced that they are moving factories as well as joining forces with Pedretti Gaming. The new company will be called Euro Pinball Corp. They plan to be able to increase production from the move and partnership in order to get more Alien and Queen games out to buyers.

Check out the announcement

Swords of Vengeance Announced as Sequel to Swords of Fury

Make sure to check out the Latest Games and Rumors page.

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