Stern Pinball Announces Jurassic Park Pin! DEEP DIVE: In Depth Overview of the Machine, Features, Rules, and More!

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Jurassic Park Pin is the newest creation from Stern Pinball!  Below is an in-depth overview of the machine, and a dive into the features and rules – check it out!

Overview of Jurassic Park Pin



MSRP: $4,599

Who’s Who

Lead Game Designer: Jack Danger

Lead Software Engineer: Waison Cheng

Artwork: Jonathan Bergeron (AKA Johnny Crap)

Lead Mechanical Engineer: Robert Blakeman

Lead Sound: Jerry Thompson

Lead Motion Graphics: Chuck Ernst

Features and Rules

Main Objective

The Jurassic Park Pin experience will transport players to Isla Nublar, an amusement park where escaped dinosaurs are running amok! With the volcano on the island erupting and threatening to destroy everything in its path, it is the player’s mission to rescue park staff, evacuate and recapture dinosaurs, and escape before it’s too late!

  • Hit the dino paddocks to start dino evacuations
  • Control room starts or enhances paddocks
  • Complete 2 dino paddocks to light extra ball
  • Complete dino evacuations to Escape Nublar
  • Hit the Spinosaurus area to start Spinosaurus Rescue
  • Destroy drop target fence to start T. Rex Multiball
  • Enter the raptor pen to start Raptor Hunt Multiball
  • Pop bumpers build amber value, amber target collects
  • Smart missile target awards all active shots
  • Collect bottom lane footprints for bonus multipliers
  • Complete D-N-A top lanes for timed double scoring
  • Rescue staff members to access restore controls

Press Release

A Pinball Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making…Stern Pinball Announces New Jurassic Park Pin

Affordable Pinball Machine for the Home

CHICAGO, IL – October 12, 2021 – Stern Pinball, Inc., announces the availability of Jurassic Park Pin, a new stylish, affordable, and fun pinball machine designed and engineered for the home.    

Jurassic Park Pin immerses players in a pinball journey 65 million years in the making.  Based on the blockbuster film Jurassic Park from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, the Jurassic Park Pin experience will transport players to Isla Nublar, an amusement park where escaped dinosaurs are running amok!  With the volcano on the island erupting and threatening to destroy everything in its path, it is the player’s mission to rescue park staff, evacuate and recapture dinosaurs, and escape before it’s too late!  Players will experience heart-pounding excitement right from the start in this action-packed pinball adventure filled with suspense, twists, and turns around every flip.

Jurassic Park Pin brings to life the most fearsome predator ever to walk the earth with an interactive, custom sculpted T. rex.  Players will battle against the Spinosaurus by bashing a captive ball and corral Raptors in their enclosed pen with precision shooting.  Fast flowing metal ramps, lightning quick spinners, and kinetically satisfying physical drop targets will provide players with an adrenalized game experience packed with unmatched action and fun.  The all-LED playfield lighting provides dazzling light shows in sync with the iconic Jurassic Park theme music to create an immersive pinball experience.

The easy-to-setup Jurassic Park Pin is affordable, reliable, built to last, and engineered with genuine Stern commercial-quality parts.  The playfield is housed in a stylish cabinet with dynamic, high definition, hand-drawn artwork.  Complementing the iconic theme and exciting gameplay, Stern Pinball’s powerful SPIKE™ electronics hardware system enables high-definition graphics and innovative animations on the LCD display.  SPIKE™ also reduces system complexity and energy usage, resulting in enhanced reliability and simplified servicing.  

Jurassic Park is an iconic film featuring something we all love­­­­­…dinosaurs!  The Jurassic Park Pin is designed to provide quality family entertainment and bring pinball fun to homes everywhere,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.  “This game will be an incredible addition to any home!”

Pricing and Availability:

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (“MSRP”)*: $US 4,599

*MSRP for sales to USA end-users, before any VAT, GST, Sales Tax, Duties, or other taxes.      

The Jurassic Park Pin is available to pre-order now through authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers around the world. 

About Stern Pinball, Inc. 

Stern Pinball, Inc. is a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball.  Headquartered minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in the heart of North America, the company creates, designs, engineers, manufactures, markets, and distributes a full line of technologically advanced terrestrial and digital pinball games, parts, accessories, and merchandise.  Stern Pinball serves digital, consumer, commercial, and corporate markets around the globe. 

Recent Stern Pinball titles include Godzilla, The Mandalorian, Led Zeppelin, Avengers: Infinity Quest, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things, Elvira’s House of Horrors, Jurassic Park, Black Knight: Sword of Rage, The Munsters, The Beatles, Deadpool, Iron Maiden, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, KISS, Metallica, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, AC/DC, Batman, and Spider-Man.  A broad range of players enjoy Stern Pinball’s games from professional pinball players who compete in high-stakes competitions around the globe to novice players who are discovering the allure of the silver ball for the first time.  To join the fun and learn more, please visit

About Jurassic World Franchise

From Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic World immerses audiences of all ages in a new era of wonder and thrills where dinosaurs and humankind must learn to coexist. Jurassic World is more than a film franchise. At every turn, this $5 billion film series delivers a larger-than-life destination for exploration, discovery, and epic adventure. Dinosaurs live again and they live in Jurassic World.


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