SPOOKY ANNOUNCES ULTRAMAN: KAIJU RUMBLE PINBALL! DEEP DIVE: In Depth Overview of the Machine, Features, Rules, and More!

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Ultraman: Kaiju Rumble is the newest creation from Spooky Pinball!  Below is an in-depth overview of the machine, and a dive into the features and rules – check it out!

Game Design: Koris Barloff…?

Game Animations: David Fawzma, David Van Es, And Matt Frank

Game Code: David Fawzma

Licensing: Charlie Emery

Artwork: Matt Frank

Rules: Bug Emery and David Fawzma

Engineering: Spooky Luke

Wiring/Nasty Nuts and Bolts: AJ

Custom Music: Matt “Count D” Montgomery

Sculpts: Matt Reister

Collector’s Edition:

  • $8,995
  • Built First
  • $2,000 Initial Payment

Blood Sucker Edition:

  • $7,995
  • Built Second
  • $1,500 Initial Payment

Standard Edition:

  • $6,995
  • Built Last
  • $1,000 Initial Payment

Production for all editions combined is limited to 500. There is no limit on the number of Collector’s Editions, Blood Sucker Editions, or Standard Editions within that 500 limit – customers will decide the total number of each edition.

Production is scheduled to begin immediately and is planned to be completed within 18 months.

To order your Ultraman pinball machine, visit shop.spookypinball.com – sales will open up for Spooky Fang Club members on Wednesday July 7th at 9:00am Central!!

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  • Dual Inlane Lifters
  • Triple interactive Baltan Tokyo City Toy
  • Four Custom Stainless Ramps
  • Science Patrol Pin Drop Target Ball Lock
  • Lighted Pigmon Drop bank
  • Three upper Playfields
  • 360 Degree LED Flashers
  • Sculpted Beta Capsule with 360 LED Flasher inside
  • Custom Metal Ball Drop Down Mech
  • Dual Spinner Loop
  • 150 Interactive RGB Lighting
  • Upper Playfield RGB Strip Lighting
  • Seven Physical Ball Locks


  • Clear plastic protectors
  • Interior graphics
  • Knocker kit installation
  • Shaker kit installation
  • Interactive RGB speaker kit and standard grill
  • Target decals
  • Coin box and lid
  • Powder coated to match bill acceptor ready door (bill acceptor not included)
  • Custom metallic flake powder coat
  • Blood Sucker Edition numbered plaque
  • Flipper button protective armor


  • Orange plastic protectors
  • Interior graphics
  • Knocker kit installation
  • Shaker kit installation
  • Coin box and lid
  • Target decals
  • Interactive RGB speaker kit and custom grills
  • Powder coated to match bill acceptor ready door (bill acceptor not included)
  • Custom gold vein powder coat
  • Custom laser cut side rails
  • Collector’s Edition numbered plaque
  • Custom interactive lighted licensed topper
  • Custom sculpted shooter rod
  • Additional licensed decorative toy

NOTE: Subject to change.

Skill Shot

Use flippers to change location of skill shot. Then launch and shoot fast!

Baltan’s Bash

Lock a ball behind each Building to start Baltan’s Bash. Reveal Baltan behind each Building by shooting the left ramp, then hurry to shoot Baltan Jackpots!

Shoot the Baltan Super Jackpot to complete mode.

Bemular Battle

Shoot the right ramp to get to the Bemular Battle Playfield, then shoot the scoop to start Bemular Battle. Complete all red lit shots to defeat Bemular! Collect Super Jackpot to complete mode.

Jirahs Mode

Qualify Jirahs Mode when Baltan’s Bash and Bemular’s Battle have been visited, then shoot the center ramp twice to start Jirahs Mode.

Now get to that uppermost playfield! Complete orbits to battle Jirahs!

TIP: Hold the flipper on the upper playfield orbit for a wicked combo!

Pigmon Modes

Start Pigmon Modes by shooting either left or right orbit and clear the center drop target bank, then shoot the Beta Capsule to start mode.

Follow directions and shoot lit shots to help Ultraman defeat various monsters!

Play and fully complete all Pigmon Modes to light Pigmon Multiball.

Zetton Mini-Wizard Mode

After visiting Baltan’s Bash, Bemular’s Battle, Jirahs Attacks, and all Six Pigmon Modes, Zetton Mini-Wizard mode will begin. Lock all 7 balls in the order given to you to complete Zetton Wizard mode, the enjoy your victory lap multiball!

Ultra Brothers Wizard Mode

If you’ve played and fully completed all modes to their fullest extent, Ultra Brothers Wizard Mode will be lit!