RETRO ATOMIC ZOMBIE ADVENTURELAND Pinball Deep Dive! In Depth Overview of the Machine, Features, Rules, and More!

Overview | Who's Who | Price and Production | Features | Rules and Code

Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland is the first creation from deeproot Pinball!  Below is an in-depth overview of the machine, and a dive into the features and rules – check it out!

Overview of Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland (RAZA)

RAZA Arcade Edition
RAZA Xtra Edition
RAZA Playfield
RAZA Playfield
RAZA Playfield
RAZA Playfield

Who’s Who

Main Theme and Playfield Design: John Popadiuk

Main Ruleset Design: Steve Bowden

Story, VO, Ruleset: Quinn Johnson

Audiovisual, UI, Ruleset: Blake Adrian

Art & Animation Director: Matthew Armstrong, deeproot Studios

Programming: Allison Embrey, Matthew Howard

Framework, Game Engine: Turner Logic

Unity Development: Michael Johnston, Jason Bauer, Ryan Graham

Sound Design: David Thiel

UI: Teaghan Avrett

Engineering: deeproot Tech

Price and Production

  • Arcade Edition: $5,899.00 (optional add-ons available)
  • Xtra Edition: $9,499.00 (optional add-ons available)

Ordering Information per deeproot Pinball:

“We will accept orders for RAZA from December 8, 2020 at 10am Central US Time to 3pm Central US Time on December 30, 2020. We thank you for your business and support! Please review the important details about our ordering and shipment policies.”

Orders for the Arcade Edition require a “10% Non-Refundable Deposit with Balance Due Prior to Shipment”, and orders for the Xtra Edition require a “20% Non-Refundable Deposit with Balance Due Prior to Shipment”.

Manufacturing Information per deeproot Pinball:

Phase 1: Approximately six weeks as the first games reach customers, with us alternating between Arcade and Xtra editions (backlit side panels being the primary delays for Xtra editions).

Phase 2: Approximately four weeks, with the goal of increasing games leaving per week to 30.

Phase 3: Approximately four weeks, with the goal of increasing games leaving per week to 40.

Phase 4: The balance of domestic orders and all International orders.

Please visit and click on RAZA Order, Payment, and Shipment Details for more information.


All Models:

  • 6 balls
  • 3 pop bumpers
  • Spinners on left and right orbits 
  • “Hovering Dizzie Doozie” Spinner 
  • “Duck Gallery” Spinning Target 
  • “Zombie Bowling” Drop Targets
  • “Dare Devil Cycle” Target
Motorcycle toy included with the Xtra™ Edition
  • Atomic Shop
Xtra™ Edition Atomic Shop shown
  • “Jetstar Coaster” Ramp
Jetstar “Jet” included with the Xtra™ Edition
  • “Drac” and “Monkey” stand up targets
  • “Snack Shop” Targets
  • “Space Gun” Targets
  • Planet Rollovers
  • “NED” Target
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Xenon Tube with up to 3-Ball physical ball lock
  • Magnasave
  • Multitouch Pinbar Touchscreen with toggle-on/off Shot Log and What’s Next panels

Arcade Edition:

Additional features from deeproot Pinball’s website:

  • deeproot Standard Cabinet Package with Hybrid DT Joint Reinforcement
  • Stainless Trim
  • Coin Door & Mechs
  • Hinged, Assisted Air Shock Glass Frame
  • Standard Glass
  • deeproot Cylon-Style backbox with Ultra-Widescreen 24” HD LCD Color Back Display
  • Panoramic Wrap Backlit Header Art
  • Pinbar™ – Ultra-Widescreen 19” HD LCD Color Multi-touchscreen display
  • deeproot RAZA Playfield with Reinforcement, Standard Mechs, Hardware, Wiring, & Toys
  • PinArmor™ Playfield Protection
  • Standard Blades
  • Vinyl Wrap Cabinet Side Art
  • Art Package (Amusement)
  • deeproot 2.1 Standard Audio speaker sound system with 40Wx2 channel amp
  • Dual Wifi Internet Enabled PinOS
  • Worldwide Omni Channel Access
  • deeproot Shot Log and Scoring
  • Fixed Price 48 US-Continental Shipping
  • More Optional Add-ons available

Xtra Edition:

Additional features from deeproot Pinball’s website:

  • Limited 300 Game Run
  • deeproot Standard Cabinet Package with Hybrid DT Joint Reinforcement
  • Xtra™-only custom laser etching
  • PinArmor™ Playfield Protection
  • Purple Powder Coated Legs, Grills, Coin Door & Trim
  • Hinged, Assisted Air Shock Glass Frame
  • Premium Anti-Reflective Glass with enhanced clarity and finger print reduction
  • Space Nebula Art with Backlit Cabinet Side Panels
  • Panoramic Wrap Backlit Art
  • BackBar – Floating Ultra-Widescreen 24” HD LCD Color Back Display
  • deeproot Full Range 4.1 Aural Envelope Audio System with 160W amp
  • Pinbar™ – Ultra-Widescreen 19” HD LCD Color Multi-touchscreen display
  • deeproot RAZA Playfield with Reinforcement, Mechs, Hardware, Wiring, & Full Toy Package
  • Xtra™-only custom shaking Ned toy mech
  • Shaker Motor
  • Side blades
  • Neon Rings
  • Enhanced GI Lighting
  • Xtra™-only mechanized Topper
  • Dual Wifi Internet Enabled PinOS
  • Worldwide Omni Channel Access
  • deeproot Shot Log and Scoring
  • Upgraded PinKit Care Package
  • Enhanced Support Package
  • Extended Warranty (US Only)
  • Fixed Price 48 US-Continental Shipping

Accessories / Coming Accessories

  • Amusement Topper
    • Optional $300 add-on to Arcade Edition
  • Xtra™-only mechanized Topper
    • Included with the Xtra™ Edition
    • Expected release Q2 2021

Rules and Code

NOTE: Subject to change. A HUGE Thank You to Steve Bowden and Quinn Johnson for the information below!!

The Story

A mash-up of B-movie tropes in an out-of-this-world adventure!

When alien warmonger NED crash lands his UFO fleet on top of ADVENTURELAND (an amusement park built around a nuclear power plant…on top of a graveyard), Xenon Gas is released and raises an army of zombies! 

Ned takes control of the park and the undead horde with plans to take over the Earth! 

The player teams up with ANGELA, a heroic Martian princess warrior, to beat Ned’s diabolical rides, clear out the Xenon Gas, and save the world!

Basic Game Objectives:

These are the main courses of play that interweave and complement one another.

1. Out-of-Mode: While hitting a wide variety of playfield features and shots, shoot the Ned Target at the back to light the Z-O-M-B-I-E inserts up the middle. This activates more zombie shots (green inserts) around the playfield for extra points and awards. Finishing Z-O-M-B-I-E also starts NED ATTACK MULTIBALL where you battle NED and use additional balls to simultaneously work on other objectives. Any balls locked in the Xenon Tube before Multiball are added to the chaos and begin the round with big jackpots. Can you defeat NED?

2. Modes: Shoot the ball into the Atomic Shop and use the Pinbar to spend tickets to start modes. Each mode has its own unique objectives, and offers rewards if beaten. These objectives are timed. You can resume any modes you have not completed for free in the Atomic Shop. Playing (not necessarily finishing) all the modes unlocks a special Story Battle, which progresses the story. Modes can be stacked with NED Attack Multiball and other features.

Super Skill Shot

Select one of these Skill Shots to be your Super Skill Shot by using the Pinbar or the flippers. You can also just plunge away and a Super Skill Shot will be selected at random. Shoot any skill shot to score, but make your Super Skill Shot for a larger award.


The main villain’s target is a straight shot up the playfield. Hit him to light Z-O-M-B-I-E, spawn Zombies to zap, and start NED Attack Multiball.


Green inserts light randomly across the playfield when you hit the NED Target. Make zombie shots for extra points and awards.

Xenon Tube

Lock up to three balls in the Xenon Tube during gameplay. Any balls in the Xenon Tube are added to NED Attack Multiball when it starts. You can also lock a ball in the Xenon Tube after completing a mode for a Xenon Gas Collection Bonus.

Dizzie Doozie

This spinning toy can get in the way of shots, but spinning it will give you points and tickets. Keep spinning it to advance the Doozie level and earn more tickets

Jetstar Coaster Ramp

Every shot up the ramp builds towards points and awards. After exiting the Jetstar, the playfield is doubled for a short time.

Blast-O-Ride Outlane Save

Complete the lower lanes to spell R-I-D-E and light the “Blast-O-Ride” insert in the right outlane. When it is lit, a drain down the right outlane activates a quick touchscreen video mode on the Pinbar for a chance to get your ball back. This will only work once per ball.


Three bowling drop targets near the right orbit. Complete all three for strikes and spares to earn points and tickets.

Duck Gallery

A rotating series of four duck targets. Hit them at the right time and another zombie duck will appear (yellow inserts on playfield). This is also a way to relight the kickback.

Zombie Ducks

Targets on the rotating Duck Gallery, as well as wandering yellow playfield inserts that rack up big points.


In-game currency earned through gameplay. Shoot a ball into the Atomic Shop and use the Pinbar to spend tickets to start modes and buy upgrades. Use strategy to help your scores explode.

Atomic Shop

Lair of the awkward Mechanic, part-time Ned flunky, part-time black market shopkeeper.
Hold a ball in this scoop and use the Pinbar to spend your tickets. You can start modes and buy upgrades from him.

Snack Shop Playfield X

Hit these three stand-up targets to visit the snack shop and activate playfield multipliers.

Drac and Monkey Mystery

Complete the set of Drac and Monkey stand-up targets to advance Bonus X, and earn Mystery awards.

Ferris Wheel Award

Hit the Ferris Wheel stand-up target to make the Ferris Wheel rotate. Then shoot an orbit to ride it and earn bonus multipliers, tickets and other awards.

Space Gun

Hit any of the 3-bank stand-up targets near NED to build the Space Gun, which refills your Magnasave.

Bumper Levels

Hits to the pop bumpers can earn an Advance Saucer Bonus for increased bumper points.

Dare Devil Cycle

Shoot the Dare Devil Cycle target to perform jumping stunts over cars. Jump over more cars for big points, Playfield X and more.

Planet Mystery

Light all three Planet Rollovers to earn Mystery awards.

The Twister

Hit the Twister stand-up target to make the Twister disc spin and affect the path of the ball.
The Twister also hides additional awards.

Modes and Features


Use tickets to enhance the Jetstar Coaster. 

Ride the Coaster enough times to win the mode when activated, and light the Xenon Tube to collect the Xenon Gas bonus.

Zombie Bowling

NED’s minions also like to bowl. Spend some tickets to join them. Take them out to light the Xenon Tube for a Xenon Gas collection bonus.

Duck Gallery

After spending tickets, shoot enough ducks at the Duck Gallery to win. Remember to head for the Xenon Tube afterward to collect your current bonus.

Hall of Mirrors

If you have enough tickets to visit the Hall of Mirrors, try to find where NED is hiding. Destroy his mirror image to activate the Xenon Tube for a bonus collection opportunity.

Zombie Panic

Use tickets to enter the panic room. Shoot the spinners to lock the vault against the hordes outside, then shoot the Xenon Tube to collect the Xenon Gas bonus.

Ferris Wheel

After spending tickets, ride the Ferris Wheel enough times before the clock runs out to win.
Then aim for the Xenon Tube to collect your current bonus.


Spend tickets for the chance to knock some sense into hiding Minions by hitting the lit Planet Rollovers. Then there’s a special bonus waiting to be collected in the Xenon Tube.

Atomic Spinner Hurry Up

Complete A-T-O-M-I-C to increase the value of both spinners and activate the Atomic right spinner. Shoot the right spinner enough times to reach Monstrodamus at the left spinner. Then, shoot the left spinner for a valuable award.

Super Doozie

Spin the Dizzle Doozie to charge it up for even more points and fast tickets.

Blast-O-Ride Frenzy

Completing the R-I-D-E lanes boosts the scoring of the Jetstar Coaster for a timed period. You can complete the R-I-D-E lanes again to restore the timer and continue the round.

Bowling Frenzy

Complete 10 frames to make each bowling target worth your total bowling score for a short time.

Drac Hurry-up

Suddenly, Drac will emerge from his house and chase after you. Hit his target before time runs out to defeat him, and claim the Drac Hurry-up Bonus. After dispatching Drac, go to the Xenon Tube to clean up the area of the Xenon Gas he has left behind and collect your bonus.

Get Dunked On

After enough hits on the Atomic Shop Target, you can raid the shop for points and items by hitting the Dunk Tank Zombie repeatedly.


NED Attack Multiball

Completing Z-O-M-B-I-E starts Multiball. You get one additional ball as NED arrives for battle.
Any balls that were locked in the Xenon Tube damage NED immediately and score Jackpots.

Battle NED back by shooting the NED target to damage him again and score a Jackpot. Shoot the ramp or an orbit to chase him down. Shoot the Xenon Tube for more damage and Jackpots.

Atomic 2-Ball

Complete A-T-O-M-I-C twice to start Atomic 2-Ball Multiball. All switches score points. Shoot the blue shots and targets to light the A-T-O-M-I-C Jackpot at the Xenon Tube.

Story Battles

Qualified after playing the modes via the Atomic Shop, these mega modes put you up against Ned’s toughest grunts. Play through them to progress the game’s story and approach the epic conclusion.

Every mode completed increases your scoring potential in the Story Battle.

Attack of the Saucers

Alternate between a UFO-blasting video mode on the Pinbar touchscreen and bashing the pop bumpers to ground Ned’s saucers for good.

Krazy Clowns

Survive the assault of creepy zombie clowns by alternating shots to the Drac and Monkey Targets and the Jetstar Coaster ramp.

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