Pinball University: New Look and New Courses

Check out the updated TWIP Pinball University with easier searching and brand new courses.
Pinball University

We’ve made some changes to TWIP Pinball University to make it easier to search for the pinball information you are looking for. You can now use the search input at the top of the main TWIP Pinball University page or category pages in order to find courses related to your interests. Each course also has a vote up/down feature to let others know if you found that course useful or not.

Course Details

New Courses

Besides the new search features and course details, a new look and feel will allow us to add more courses to build out a great library of pinball information for you. Here are some of the new courses we have added.

Let Us Know

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new look and feel of TWIP Pinball University as well as the new courses. Do you have any great ideas for content or courses you’d like to see? Comment below or contact me directly at

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