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The Mandalorian Pinball – Quick Rules (3M’s and Extra Ball)

The Mandalorian Pinball Grogu

Learn the quick rules to The Mandalorian Pinball by Stern. Get an idea of the 3M’s (Modes, Multiballs, and Multipliers) as well as how to get extra balls.



  • Shoot the left and right ramp in any order
  • Shoot the lit left scoop to start the mission

Completing missions and other tasks awards you Beskar that can be used to purchase items in the Foundry.


Razor Crest Multiball

  • Shoot the center ramp Razor Crest target 3 times

There are different versions of the Razor Crest Multiball each with different rules. After you complete a Razor Crest Multiball, getting to the next multiball will take more hits to the target.


There are three ways to add a +1X playfield multiplier:

  • Complete Boba Fett targets
  • Complete Hunter
  • Complete Scope

If you have all three of the above multipliers running then you will get a +5X for a total of a 6X playfield multiplier.

Extra Balls:

Light an extra ball to be collected in the left scoop by:

  • Starting enough missions
  • Trade for one at the Foundry
  • The Child might randomly light one

Video and Detailed Rulesheet:

Stern Official Rulesheet: https://stern-wagtail-1.s3.amazonaws.com/media/documents/Mando-Rule-Sheet.pdf

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