Pin of the Week – from 1996

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Pin of the Week


Pinside Estimated Price as of 9/12/17: $1,480 – $1,720

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Interesting notes about Breakshot:

  • “This 1996 game is designed in the older electromechanical style, with no ramps and a one-level playfield. It has a dot matrix display that shows the scores as score reel numbers, and digital sound that simulates EM chimes.” –
  • “3 ball cue in the center of the playfield with a hole at the bottom, and 3 scoops at the top; after each ball is captured, a large metal plug rises and blocks the opening and the locked balls rest against it. The player must then hit the plug to knock the balls into the scoops to start multiball.” –
  • “According to the book Pinball Memories, Capcom promoted ‘Breakshot’ as having the first loadable captive ball feature on a pinball. However, a different type of loadable captive ball feature can be found on Bally Midway’s 1986 ‘Strange Science’ and Bally Midway’s 1987 ‘Heavy Metal Meltdown’.” –
  • Easter Eggs – from the Cows and Easter Eggs website
    • Want to see a moose kick a cow in the behind?  Shoot around the Mini-loop, then backwards around the right orbit to the rollover-lanes.
    • At the end of the game, hold both flippers before and during the mossed animation for a fun sound effect.

: Capcom
Display: Dot Matrix
Players: 4
Flippers: 3
Ramps: 0
Release date: May, 1996

: Capcom A0015405
Design: Greg Kmiec
Software: Tony DeFeo
Artwork: Stan Fukuoka
Music: Jeff Powell
Production run: 1,000


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