Game Room of the Week

Mark Pegram from Ohio is letting us take a peek at his European Pub themed game room!  Mark is a member of the Cincy Pinball Group/League based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and built his game room by combining the old style pub look with modern pinball machines.  Mark shared the story behind the game room with This Week in Pinball:


I have always liked Victorian Architecture, turn of the century history, as well as a European Pub design style, so when I started planning on how to finish out my basement I wanted to integrate/capture as much of those design aspects as possible. As a background, I had spent 15 years in Europe while in the Air Force and during that time I visited many Pubs across Europe. I was impressed by the amount of ornate woodwork, the history of the building as well as the ever present, often dimly lit, warm inviting atmosphere. While there, I spent many weekends looking for “treasure” on the various German and French flea-markets, many of those items have been incorporated into the design, used as decorations or have become accents throughout game room. The porch posts were salvaged from my next door neighbor’s house after they renovated their front porch. I wanted to try and create a form of archway like one I saw in a beer hall in Munich…pity I didn’t have 12 foot ceilings. Now, the challenge was to integrate all those things with pinball. I wanted the Pub look but also wanted pinball machines and I wasn’t sure how old vs new was going to work. So, I started them on each side of the basement and let them merge in the middle. In the end, I think the concepts complimented each other quite well resulting in the fun, inviting atmosphere I was looking for thus completing my vision of “Mark’s Victorian Pinball Pub”.


Check out the pictures below – and thanks so much Mark for sharing your game room!

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