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Florida Professional and Amateur Tournament

September 29 @ 8:00 am - October 2 @ 5:00 pm EDT


One of Florida’s main events is back with another killer weekend in store for everyone!! I get pretty pumped up about this one every year. 😁
The events kick off Thursday night with a NO Entry (FREE!) tournament. An introduction to the Classics. Your IFPA endorsement will be covered at the door. ALL are welcome! Even if you don’t plan on attending the other events. No preset pinball skills needed! Just come have fun with us! Starts Thursday September 29th 6pm.

THURSDAY Sept 29th,
-Classics King of the hill qualifier- Hot potato final! (classics)
Qualifying from 6-8pm with Finals starting at 8:30pm
-start of high score charity tournament-
$1 IFPA per player + $2 per attempt
6pm- (open for qualifying while any other pro-am tournament is simultaneously running)- end of qualifying oct 1st 5pm
4 finalists will play a two game final for the winner saturday oct 1st 5:30pm-
-high score cash grab tournament-
$1 IFPA per player + $2 per attempt
6pm- (open for qualifying while any other pro-am tournament is simultaneously running)- end of qualifying oct 1st 6pm
4 finalists will play a two game final for the winner saturday oct 1st 6:30pm-

FRIDAY SEPT 30th, -Pingolf
$1 IFPA per player + $20 per entry/ tee card
qualifying 1:30pm-7pm (last group can start course at 6:59pm)
the half of the qualifying field (up to 24) that has the lowest verifiable score cards will move on to a final.
16-24 finalists will start finals @ 8pm. finals will consist of randomized matchplay where the player with the lowest score is eliminated. The remaining players then will be reassigned a new game and new opponents to start another round until 1 player is left.

-continue charity qualifying/HS qualifying

SATURDAY OCT 1st, Florida Professional and Amateur Tournament (frenzyplay) $60
This years Pro/Am will be a hybrid tournament that will have 2 qualifying sessions. The morning session will be 3hrs and the afternoon session will be 4 hrs.
the first game of the tournament, 4 Players will be grouped initially based on IFPA rankings for a single game chosen at random. As groups finish their respective games, they will “check in”, at the scorekeepers table to report the groups results for that game.
After that groups score is recorded, those players will be directed into the players on deck area for the next assigned game/group. These areas will be roped off as to keep frenzy lines moving, and available players ready. A player may play as many games as they can in the frenzy qualifying period, as long as these parameters are met.
1) A player has to play a game from all four available eras before they can play from a similar era again.
2) Only 2 of the same players from the previous game may play in the very next game together.
3) 3+ players from the previous game may not play again together for the next game.
4) Players may choose to play in a 3 player game, however points will be adjusted accordingly.
Qualifying Games will have a “Game strength”. This game strength will have an adjusted points multiplier added to it. This incorporates the flip frenzy portion of the tournament a little bit. The difference with this “frenzyplay” will be that if you win a longer playing game you will be rewarded handsomely for it!
As a player qualifies throughout the day they will be awarded points based on how they placed on that game, then multiplied by that games strength. That will be added up as the player continues to play, and a running scoreboard will keep everyone informed of standings.
This should keep the lines moving quickly.
Amateur Finals will be bottom half of qualifiers and will be streamed that evening.

10am start
1pm qualifying round #1 ends
2pm qualifying round #2 starts
6pm end qualifying
-Pro-Am B-Bracket Finals (head to head, best of 3, single elimination)
7pm B bracket starts
10-10:30 pm B bracket awards ceremony
-continue Charity/HS
-charity and HS qualifying ends w/ each game having a 4 person final with top four players from each game.
SUNDAY OCT 2nd, Pro-Am A-Bracket Finals (head to head, best of 3, single elimination)
11am A finals start
4pm A bracket awards ceremony

-Woman’s 3 strike elimination (No Finals) Tournament
1pm start
5pm awards ceremony

6pm 2022 Pro-Am Close
Excited to have tweaked some things for the better. Based on the players feedback from years. This should be a major opportunity to come out for a couple days and snag some serious IFPA points to lug home with ya!
I hope we have one for the record books! Hope to see you then! FL PRO/AM


The District Eat and Play
1395 oveido mall blvd
Oveido, FL 32765 United States
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