Custom Pin of the Week – Yankees Retheme

This pinball re-theme is being posted on This Week in Pinball in honor of the New York Yankees winning their post season series last night.   (Editor’s note: I am a White Sox fan, my wife is a Yankees fan.  This one is for her, and it pains me to post this.)


The person that did this re-theme is named Brian Soares, and his work looks absolutely incredible.  He started this project with a 1971 Gottlieb Dimension – you can see what the original Dimension playfield looked like here.  The drop targets are now retired Yankees numbers.  The cabinet is done in pinstripes, and the backbox and playfield are all things Yankees.  Check out the pictures below, and you can check out a game play video here.


We will definitely be covering more of Brian’s work here on the pins of the week.  You can check out his website at  To inquire about a retheme project, contact Brian at

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